Dental Practitioners in regional chambers and in the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists

Vice-Chairman of the Dental Practitioners` Committee of the Supreme Medical Council

In Poland we have a joint representation of physicians and dentists in our medical self-government. Polish dental practitioners are represented at all organisational levels of the chambers. their number corresponds to the percentage participation of dental practitioners in the total number of members of the chambers and delegates for the General and regional assemblies of physicians and dentists. The representation of dental practitioners is secured in the Supreme Medical Council, and one of Vice-Presidents is a dental practitioner.
A dental practitioner might be elected as the President of the Supreme Medical Council or the president of the regional medical council and it does occasionally happen.
All the matters related to the exercise of the dental profession, functioning of the dental care system, international co-operation in the field of dentistry are the responsibility of the Dental Practitioners' Committee operating in the Supreme Medical Council. Members of the Committee are dental practitioners elected at the General Assembly as members of the Supreme Medical Council and vice presidents of those regional medical councils which have no dental practitioner as representative in the Supreme Medical Council. Additionally, there is a dental committee in each regional chamber. Dental practitioners are also active in the works of the Supreme and regional screeners for professional liability and medical courts, where they deal with all the matters concerning dental practitioners.
The majority of European countries have separate organizations of physicians and dental practitioners. We can doubt, however, whether we should apply their model or whether they should utilize our model. If certain circumstances showed different solutions, we would consider other variants in a democratic voting. The undergraduate education, interdisciplinary co-operation and even emotional and family relations and historical reasons connect physicians and dentists in Poland. Nowadays we cannot separate dentistry from medicine.

dr Andrzej Fortuna
dr Anna Lella