International policy of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists

One of the main priorities of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists is to take active part in international organizations of physicians and dentists and to actively co-operate with the medical and dental organizations and chambers abroad.

The Chamber is active in the works of the following international organizations of doctors and dental practitioners:

  • Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME);
  • European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS);
  • European Forum of Medical Associations and the World Health Organization (EFMA/WHO);
  • Symposium of Medical Chambers of Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Council of European Dentists (CED);
  • World Dental Federation (FDI);
  • European Regional Organization of the World Dental Federation (ERO/FDI).
The Chamber is a member of the Standing Committee of European Doctors, the organization representing all medical doctors in the European Union, since 2000 (until 2004 as an associated member). The President of the Chamber, dr Konstanty Radziwill, is an active representative of the Chamber in the works of the CPME. He was a member of the CP Working Group on European Union Enlargement and in the period 2004-2005 the Chairman of the CPME Ethics and Professional Codes Subcommittee.

Since 1996 the Chamber is a member of the European Union of Medical Specialists. As the UEMS member the Chamber may nominate its representatives in the UEMS Specialist Sections.

Dr Radziwill, has been representing Polish physicians in the Liaison Committee of the European Forum of Medical Associations and WHO, being the member of the Committee. Representatives of the Chamber attend the Forum every year. In 2000 the Forum took place in Warsaw.

Each year the Chamber's delegation takes part in the Symposium of Medical Chambers of Central and Eastern Europe. In 2001 the Chamber organized in Warsaw the VIII Symposium.

Since 2006 the Chamber is a member of the Council of European Dentists (formerly EU Dental Liaison Committee - EU DLC), prior to that the Chamber had the status of an observer and was represented in the Working Group for EU Entry. CED is an association which represents over 300,000 dentists across Europe. the CED key objectives are to promote the interests of the dental profession in the EU. Membership in the CED allows the Chamber to keep up to date with the EU developments concerning the dental profession.

In 1996 the Chamber became a member of the World Dental Federation, which as a professional organization is a global platform of 900 000 dentists, and in May 1999, pursuant to the new FDI statute, the Chamber and the Polish Dental Association established the Polish National Committee of the World Dental Federation. Its aim is to represent Polish dental practitioners and to act for principles of professional conduct and for the development of dentistry. The Chamber and the Association forming the Polish National Committee have the rights and obligations of a regular FDI member.

As the FDI member the Chamber is also a member of the FDI European Regional Organization. Our delegates have been representing Polish dental practitioners in ERO/FDI working groups: Liberal Dental Practice in Europe - Kazimierz Bryndal and ERO Parity, Women in Dentistry - Anna Lella. The 2003 ERO Plenary Meeting was in Warsaw.

The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists is keen on developing mutual co-operation with organizations of physicians and dentists in other countries. In the course of bilateral contacts a number of agreements on mutual co-operation have been signed by the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (e.g. with the German and Austrian Medical Chambers, with the German and Slovak Dental Chambers).

Upon the accession of Poland to the European Union the regional chambers and the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists assumed the role of competent authorities within the meaning of the EU directives on recognition of professional qualifications of doctors and dental practitioners. The chambers issue certificates of good standing and other certificates referred to in the directives as well as receive applications and take decisions in order to permit access to and exercise of the profession of doctor and dental practitioner in Poland.

Within the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists a Center of Recognition of Qualifications has been established in order to co-ordinate the activities of the Regional Chambers and to assist them. The Chambers and the Centre are actively co-operating with the competent authorities for doctors and dental practitioners in other EU Member States.