The Supreme Medical Council

Supreme Medical Council

Consists of 75 members -
representatives of Polish physicians
and dental practitioners elected
at the General Assembly.


Prof. dr hab. med. Andrzej Matyja

Dr Andrzej Cisło   
Dr Jacek Kozakiewicz    
Dr Krzysztof Madej 

Dr Marek Jodłowski   

Deputy Secretary
Dr Artur Drobniak   

Dr Grzegorz Mazur    

Members of the Presidium:
Dr Michał Bulsa   
Dr Jerzy Friediger   
Dr Dariusz Paluszek   
Dr Andrzej Wojnar

The Supreme Medical Council:

  • implements resolutions of the General Assembly of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists;
  • supervises the correct execution of tasks of the self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • coordinates and supervises activities of regional medical councils;
  • represents the medical professions before the public administration agencies and political and social organizations;
  • develops framework rules of organization and functioning of the bodies of regional chambers;
  • adopts the election law to the bodies of self-government of physicians and dentists, and the procedure for removal of such bodies and their members;
  • defines the rules of resolution-making by the bodies of the self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • adopts the rules of financial management of the self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • fixes the membership fee;
  • examines appeals against resolutions of regional medical councils;
  • analyzes and delivers opinions on the orientation of the development of human health protection;
  • negotiates the conditions of employment and remuneration of physicians and dentists;
  • adopts budget of the Supreme Medical Council and examines reports on its execution;
  • keeps the Central Register of Physicians and Dental Practitioners of the Republic of Poland.