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Our periodical


List of periodicals indexed in part "B" of the Minister of Science and Higher Education - 3 points

Index Copernicus Value –  53.49

Indexing Databases: ERIH Plus, CEEOL, IndexCopernicus

The Medical Docket, a scientific periodical is published, since 2010, by the Polish Supreme Medical Chamber. Its predecessor, an Information Bulletin for Medical Courts and Screeners for Professional Liability appeared in print from 1999 to 2003. The initiative to publish it was shown in 1999 by the Regional Medical Court at the Wielkopolska Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, and supported by Prof. Asst. Romuald Krajewski, the then president of the Supreme Medical Court. The periodical was registered and published as a half-yearly title, and dealt - true to its description - with issues related to professional liability of physicians. Its standing at the time had attracted many highly-valued and recognised authors among the legal and medical community while its scientific board's makeup indeed commanded respect. Regrettably, due to financial difficulties, the periodical ceased to appear following the publication of its 9th issue. However, the idea of its continuation remained alive, and returned in a somewhat different form - as the Medical Docket. Through the support of numerous persons, first and foremost of Konstanty Radziwill, MD, the then president of the Supreme Medical Council - on 9 January, 2009 the Council's Presidium passed the resolution No 2/09/P-V, effectively opening the way to the latter annual's publication. The Supreme Medical Chamber accepted the publisher's duties which imparted a touch of class to the periodical and ensured its truly nationwide character. The Medical Docket is aimed at presenting the most serious issues concerning professional deontology and professional liability of physicians. Along with articles, analyses and current comments on the Medical Code of Ethics, other topics are also featured as, for example, relevant decisions of both medical and common courts of law related to medical matters, statistics depicting "doctors' jurisdiction", as well as reviews of the most noteworthy publications in our field. The periodical's contents are penned by physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, ethicists, political scientists, and even linguists, affiliated with a number of established scientific centres. Crucially, among them are those involved with both theory and practice in the medical and legal sphere. The issues concerning current and weighty areas of ethics, medical law and biopolitics constitute an all-embracing connecting link. Owing to recent modifications our annual has been entered in a list of periodicals indexed in part "B" of the Minister of Science and Higher Education and gained 3 points. We endeavour for our publication to become universally recognised among the international scientific community. Hence, on the one hand, the "internalisation" of its Scientific Board, and abstracts of all articles also in English, while on the other, the compliance with a number of standards required in reputable scientific periodicals, such as the new system of reviewing the featured content (double, anonymous reviews), as well as the institution of thematic and linguistic editors, &c.